Nikolas Tsakris: fashion photographer

Artist’s Statement
We learn from nursery that boys are “blue” and girls are “pink”. Boys are tough, girls are soft. “Skies are blue and roses are red”. Stereotypes in general, like the aforementioned, have formed everything around us. What is attractive and what is hideous , what is wrong and what is correct. And then at some point, I met the lens. The lens of a camera. I was always thinking that the term “shooting” a picture is not by coincidence given. Taking a picture or “shooting” one, has time to time the same power to “kill” persons like a gun. Killing realities and giving them a different meaning than the stereotype one, the one we have grown up with, the everyday image. I shoot through the lens and I am given the opportunity to kill a stereotype, transform a reality to a twisted one. Do I have the right, though? A camera package should come with a text sign “Use at your own risk” , “Shoot with responsibility”.

   “…when Autumn wind bloows 
not one leaf remains
     the way it was..”
 -consider the wind as my lens

Having a Master’s degree at the telecommunications and was working for 14 consecutive years at the same field when I suddenly realized that I had to follow my inner calling which was recording and imprinting every day’s life moments. I was Self-taught at the beginning and then graduated with distinction at BA Hons in Photography of Middlesex University. It was then, when I found my identity as a photographer, experimenting with various aspects that this wonderful “click” has to offer. I work mainly as a fashion photographer, as imprinting images consisting of many people and portraits, is something that has always blown my mind.

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